Au Pair Program

Au Pair offers young adults (18-26) the possibility to experience the american life and culture before deciding if they want or can study/live in the USA.

Au Pair is a program created by a team coordinated by University Professor Dr. Joseph Renzulli. Joseph Renzulli (Joe) is a doctor in psychology, professor at the University of Connecticut, USA, White House consultant in research strategy on the education of children with high abilities.


  • Graduate of the Romanian Gifted School
  • Age between 18-26
  • Loves working with children
  • Conversational level of English (minimum B2)
  • Driver’s License category B
  • Adaptable, persevering, organized, eager for knowledge and a multicultural experience
  • Emotionally and socially prepared


  • Providing support in obtaining a work visa for the USA (J-1)
  • Match between the host family and the young candidate
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Mentoring with de Renzulli Learning team and professors from the University of Connecticut
  • 500$ if he enrolls in the courses of an educational institution accredited in the USA (at least the post-secondary equivalent in Romania)(minimum of 12 credits per semester)
  • 1000$ for the young adults tutor that mentored him
  • 1 month of traveling in the USA, upon successful completion of the program
  • The possibility to extend the period of stay in the USA (the minimal requirement is to have 3 to 6 credits over the 12 required to pass the semmester)
  • Maximum 45 hours worked in a week
  • 1 weekend (friday-saturday-sunday) free per month
  • Medical and health insurance

Further details can be obtained at the end of the studies within the Romanian Gifted School. Our graduates will have extensive information programs on all opportunities offered by Romanian Gifted School through our partners.