Renzulli Learning Tool

Children and teenagers from Romanian Gifted School benefit from using the Renzulli Learning platform, which is a part of our educational programs.

Renzulli Learning Benefits

Renzulli Learning system enables teachers to easily differentiate instructions and leverages student motivation to achieve enhanced academic performance. We help teachers better understand the needs, motivations, and strengths of every child so they can more efficiently and effectively reach, engage, and inspire every student.

The power of the Renzulli Profiler brings personalized, interest-based learning into the hands of your students every day, without sacrificing your required curriculum and standards. Renzulli Learning prepares students by asking them to apply, deepen, and extend their learning through differentiated assignments that enhance critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Renzulli Learning assignments encourage students to think outside the box and apply what they’ve learned in engaging activities that match students’ learning style, expression style, and interests.

Problem Based Learning increases student engagement and interest through self-directed learning. PBL can provide students with deeper opportunities for critical thinking and analysis, as well as cross-discipline and real-world problem solving.

Ways to use and benefit from the Renzulli Learning platform

  • The 3 E’s! Enjoyment, Engagement and Enthusiasm for learning
  • Accurate, easy to understand student profile of interests and learning styles
  • Personalized series of enrichment activities based on profile results to challenge and engage students
  • Opportunities to engage in research and independent study
  • Exciting on-line virtual field trips
  • Creativity Assessment and Development
  • Challenging critical thinking activities
  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Personalized selection of books and activities
  • Safety Net for young students researching on the Internet
  • Increased self-confidence: they will feel empowered as the direct their own learning!
  • Increased Achievement
  • English Language Learning Acceleration
  • Comprehensive learning profiles of each child’s interests, learning styles and product preferences
  • Online database of resources that are child-friendly and have been evaluated by educational experts, including a broad variety of creative thinking and problem solving activities
  • Search engine to find outstanding websites to enhance your curriculum and instruction
  • Digitally provide instruction and enrichment for all students using the system
  • Time-saving creation of differentiated lessons for assigning to students by groups or individuals
  • Independent study and project activities for children to complete in school and at home
  • Registered teachers receive a free subscription to the Renzulli Learning Home Edition to use with their families
  • Personalized learning for all students
  • Higher achievement through higher student engagement
  • Time savings for teachers
  • Cost effective differentiation solution
  • Easily generate student profile reports for the school and district level
  • Provide parents with easy-access to their child’s work in the RLS through the Parent Portal
  • Portfolio moves with students year to year
  • Personal Success Plan supports some states’ requirement for a “Student Success Plan”
  • Support school-wide enrichment across levels and disciplines
  • Children and teachers can connect with others around the Globe

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Romanian Gifted School is the sole distributor of the Renzulli Learning platform for Romania, Central and Eastern Europe.

If you are interested as an individual user or as an educational institution (NGO, state school, private school), contact simona.mitrea [@]